Daily 1 in 10: APAT Seat Worth £120!


Closing Date: June 3, 2024 10:00 pm


See Ts & Cs for free postal entry route.
Please check your name and number in the entry list below after payment.


Dive into the excitement of our daily “1 In 10” draw, the latest innovation from Poker Raffles that guarantees a winner every night at 10pm.

With a small number of entrants, guaranteeing a winner for every 10 players, this is your daily opportunity to win a seat at a high quality live poker tournament at a fraction of the cost.


How It Works:

  • Favourable Odds: With 1 winner guaranteed for 10 entries, you can feel confident that the odds are favourable.
  • 2 Tickets Per Player: To keep the play fair and the odds even, each player is limited to buying a maximum of 2 tickets.
  • Automated and Timely: The raffle is drawn when the final ticket is purchased, with the result published immediately on site – see ‘Finished Raffles‘ under the Raffles tab.
  • Details:  We’ll be in touch to sort out the date of your tournament with you.

Winners are

Winner Name Ticket Number Draw Date
Ben Whitaker 8 03/06/2024


Ticket Number Date Name
3 2024-06-03 07:03:51 Rob Lloyd
4 2024-06-02 21:13:34 Darren Smith
5 2024-06-03 08:01:50 Ben Whitaker
6 2024-06-02 23:28:24 Stuart Aitken
7 2024-06-03 18:20:34 Adam Yendell
8 2024-06-03 08:01:50 Ben Whitaker
9 2024-06-02 21:14:01 William Sinclaire
10 2024-06-02 21:14:01 William Sinclaire