About Us

Poker Raffles was founded by the team behind the Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT), who bring years of industry experience having led the development of recreational poker in the United Kingdom since 2006.



We aim to make high-quality tournament poker accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of skill, the amount of time you can dedicate to playing or the size of your bankroll.



Poker Raffles offers four competition types, categorised as follows:

  • PLAY: Tired of the endless satellite grind? These competitions offer winners direct entry into prestigious poker tournaments. Now you can sidestep time-consuming live and online satellites and go straight to the high-stakes action.
  • LEARN: Enhance your poker prowess by winning access to premium educational resources, coaching sessions, or software tools. It’s an opportunity to elevate your game without breaking the bank.
  • SHARE: Get a slice of the action without the pressure of playing. These competitions grant winners a share of the prize money from a Poker Raffles sponsored player’s tournament run. Enjoy the updates and a sweat on the outcome as your player goes deep…
  • INSTANT: Looking to boost your bankroll or gain quick entry to a high-stakes raffle? Instant raffles provide the chance for swift rewards, offering quick boosts to your bankroll and low cost entry to our tournament raffles.



We’re here to help, and will always prioritise fairness and transparency. We want you to enjoy an exciting, low-risk experience in the world of high quality tournament poker.  We also want to ensure that you enter our competitions with the money you can afford. For this reason, we do not take payments via Credit Cards.  If you wish to temporarily or permanently close your account, please contact us on our Support email below.



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Got questions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you on on the email below, or through our Facebook Community.  Help to improve Poker Raffles, your low-risk partner for great poker experiences.


Des Duffy
Leigh Wiltshire
Tom Brady
Founder Team, Poker Raffles

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